Incident Response

Command tighter network control and stop network attacks

The increasing volume, variety and velocity of cyberattacks is at an all-time high, and incident response is becoming a top security priority within every enterprise organization. The longer it takes to detect and contain a network breach, the higher the cost. Now, network incident response strategies must take into account the proliferation of connected IoT devices. Unmanaged IoT endpoints are rapidly emerging and the new threat vector for would-be cybercriminals, yet traditional endpoint and NAC solutions aren’t able to detect these devices, let alone enforce access.

The Beacon Product Suite provides the tools you need to securely on-board IoT devices and proactively monitor their behavior, to help detect emerging threats, such as MAC Spoofing. Our real-time detection capabilities identify and pin-point affected devices, providing precise endpoint profile data, including the location of the breached device, within seconds for rapid enforcement.


The Beacon Suite

The Beacon Product Suite is the only endpoint and IoT connection security solution that enables continuous visibility, onboarding, monitoring and enforcement for 100% of your connected devices, greatly reducing incident response time.

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Customer Success
Greater City of Sudbury

One of the city’s most important services is providing its residents with clean and potable water. To enable this critical function, Beacon safeguards over 6,300 endpoints in 173 locations, including 90 unstaffed sites.

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The Solution: Full Visibility & Control with the Beacon Suite

The foundation of incident response is the accurate profiling and real time visibility of every network endpoint. With Beacon Endpoint Profiler, you can discover, identify and gain a comprehensive view of all devices and their locations, whether traditional smart clients or IoT endpoints.

Upon discovery, devices need onboarding, authentication and policy compliance. This is where Beacon Endpoint Enforcement comes in. Once authenticated Beacon continuously and intelligently monitors every device in the context of type, who or what is using it, and location. IT also can define unauthorized behavior profiles in order to identify suspicious behavior.

With Beacon new endpoints, including IoT devices cannot to attach to your company infrastructure without detection. If a threat arises, network administrators can easily bounce a device off the network or automatically quarantine it until it is profiled and authenticated.

Whitepaper: How to Safeguard Against MAC Spoofing

This white paper explores the MAC spoofing problem, covers best practices, and evaluates the effective solutions available to thwart off MAC spoofing attacks.

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"“With so many un-staffed locations, we were concerned about breaches. Great Bay helps us protect devices such as programmable logic controllers and other controllers and monitor traffic from the devices,”"

--Jim Dolson, Manager of Hardware and Technology City of Greater Sudbury