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Secure 100% of your connected devices with Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform

IoT and other unmanaged devices represent the biggest risk to network security breaches. Now is the time for enterprise IT organizations to shift their endpoint security strategy, budget, resources and solutions. The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform is the only network security and operational efficiency solution that enables continuous visibility, on boarding, monitoring and enforcement of 100% of the devices connecting to your network--in real time.

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Great Bay Software works with hundreds of organizations around the world, helping critical industries protect their intellectual property, data assets, and connected devices through endpoint and IoT connection security. Our clients range from medium sized businesses to Fortune 50 industry leaders. Check out a few of our clients successes below.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

“Just under half of all enterprises are planning IoT initiatives within the next 24 months, driven by the promise of transforming their businesses through operational efficiencies, better customer engagement, and new products and services. However, security remains the top challenge business leaders see for IoT. Visibility and connection security are the key first steps in formulating a strong IoT security plan.” – Eugene Signorini, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

21 Billion

connected IoT devices by 2020.


of organizations have or are currently developing IoT initiatives.


unsecure IoT device can cost a company millions if it is breached.


of identified attacks in enterprises will involve IoT devices by 2020.


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