Comprehensive Device Profiling

Unmatched network visibility for 100% of connected devices--in real time

Organizations across all industries are faced with the proliferation of new types of endpoints. Many of these connected devices do not hold a supplicant and possess sub par default security settings, which make them great points of entry for malicious attacks. Thus, IT is charged with the difficult task of identifying, on boarding and monitoring every device on the network. But if you can’t see the device on your network, how can you monitor it?

The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform provides real-time discovery, visibility and enforcement for every device connecting to the network–even the ones you don’t know about.

Identify EVERY device, in real-time:

  • Mitigate the risk of security breaches with confidence through continuous real-time enforcement of access policies.
  • Streamline compliance, asset management and audit requirements.
  • Tap into a library of thousands of device profiles. Easily create and add custom profiles as needed.
  • Save valuable IT time and resources with easy deployment and operation.

Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform gives you


Take your network visibility to the next level.

Learn about the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform’s simpler approach for deploying device authentication.

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