Secure 100% of your network devices – IoT, biomedical, industrial and more.

IoT and other unmanaged devices represent the biggest risk to network security breaches.

Now is the time for enterprise IT organizations to shift their endpoint security strategy, budget, resources, and solutions. Great Bay Software can help. The Beacon Product Suite is the only real-time discovery, visibility, and control solution to enable continuous identification, onboarding, monitoring and enforcement of 100% of your networked devices – traditional, BYOD, and IoT. Our data- and profile-rich approach ensures the highest levels of detection and vendor agnostic enforcement, and our sophisticated behavioral tracking safeguard your network from emerging threats, such as MAC Spoofing.

The Unique Benefits of Beacon Suite:

  • greatbay-icons-idImplement network security for 100% of devices
  • greatbay-icons-trade-secretsAchieve real-time discovery, visibility and control
  • greatbay-icons-system-crashesStreamline compliance, asset management and audit requirements
  • greatbay-icons-compliance-failuresAgentless – Save valuable IT time and resources
  • greatbay-icons-solutionsPreserve your investments by enhancing existing solutions
  • greatbay-icons-solutionsDetect emerging threats for immediate enforcement


Streamlined and Scalable

Beacon Suite is vastly simpler to install than a full-blown agent-based NAC solution for real-time visibility and control over 100% of connected devices. It is deployed as an overlay to the existing network, eliminating the need for software agents, port mirroring, or expensive switch upgrades. Installation is non-disruptive, and the Beacon Product Suite can be up and running in a matter of hours or days, not months.

You will save valuable IT time and resources with easy deployment and operation. Maintain continuous identification, onboarding, monitoring and enforcement of all your connected devices with a single management tool.

Intelligent behavior monitoring is an important safeguard for your cybersecurity efforts and essential for IoT, biomedical, SCADA and other unmanaged device security. Using Beacon Product Suite enables enterprise organizations to protect against malicious attacks, no matter where the devices are located and even as the number and type of devices continue to grow exponentially.

The Beacon Product Suite Works For You

Beacon Endpoint Profiler

Beacon Endpoint Profiler immediately identifies and locates any device that has an IP or MAC address. This includes traditional endpoints, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, as well as sensors, medical devices, and other IoT endpoints.

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Beacon Endpoint Enforcement

Take control of your network by enforcing access policy for all devices. Beacon Endpoint Enforcement works in conjunction with Beacon Endpoint Profiler for comprehensive network protection. It uniquely automates onboarding and ensures that unauthorized devices are kept off the network or placed into quarantine.

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Mid-Level Offerings

Do you want comprehensive network security without a bunch of complications? Learn why we have the solution for you.

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Enterprise Offerings

At Great Bay Software, we enable some of the largest organizations in the world to secure their growing number of unmanaged endpoint and IoT connections against modern day threats. Find out how.

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