Secure the managed, unmanaged and IoT devices across your network.

The threat of cyber crime within the manufacturing industry has risen significantly. It’s been reported that the odds of a manufacturing company being attacked are about one in three. The abundance of counterfeit goods inundating the market every year–from cars to sophisticated new technologies–demonstrate the threats cyber attacks pose to you.

Even beyond that, you’re burdened with the danger of impediments to your manufacturing operations that a successful cyber attack would cause. It can lead to:

  • Lost uptime and productivity
  • Unauthorized use of systems
  • Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks
  • Significant financial loss


There are several mounting threats as you rely more heavily on technology to automate processes, operate industrial controls and manage supply chains. As IoT advances to add more endpoints, all of these scenarios represent network vulnerabilities. They produce network blind spots for hackers to exploit in order to gain financial data, intellectual property and customer information–especially if you have limited staff at distributed locations.

Complete network visibility and control can help put a stop to this downward spiral.

Revealing true information security

You can’t secure what you don’t know is there. Identifying, accurately profiling and monitoring every device touching the network is a critical first step towards protecting your organization and its valuable proprietary information. The Great Bay solution helps you by providing complete network visibility and control.

Some of the biggest names in manufacturing are backed by our expertise. With the comprehensive, contextual network visibility and control afforded by this technology, you’ll understand:

  • What every endpoint on your network is
  • The location of every network-attached endpoint
  • If any endpoint starts acting uncharacteristically


Armed with this real-time knowledge and historical-insight, you can set up security policies to automatically block or quarantine suspicious devices trying to access the network before they can do any real damage.

Understanding your entire network helps you maintain data privacy by quickly identifying and responding to potential threats. Managing a dispersed and segmented network with limited staff also becomes far more viable with these solutions.

Supply your IT teams with the tools they need to protect your industrial control systems and plant floors from cyber threats. The Great Bay solution helps better protect your network so your organization can stay focused on furthering its competitive advantage in production and innovation.

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