Identify. Monitor. Enforce.

Take back control of your network with endpoint visibility, access and security.

The Beacon Product Suite

Discover the edge.
Optimize the whole.

Gain tighter control and comprehensive visibility over every endpoint accessing your network to improve network security, quickly respond to potential threats and pass audit scrutiny.

Identify every endpoint.

It only takes one unmanaged endpoint to leave your enterprise completely exposed. The Beacon product suite ensures every endpoint accessing the network is accounted for to eliminate vulnerable blind spots that put your organization at risk.

Monitor with rich context.

MAC spoofing, rogue devices and other malicious activities can pose a serious risk to your network security. With Beacon, you’ll gain comprehensive real-time insight into all endpoints to understand if any one behaves uncharacteristically so you can quickly identify and address incidents.

Enforce access controls.

Unauthorized devices getting onto your network can wreak tremendous havoc. Control access to the network with Beacon’s network-based authentication to allow what should be on the network on and keep what shouldn’t be off.

Take back control.

Many of the world’s top companies trust Beacon as the foundation of their network security strategy. With superior profiling accuracy and the ability to find the endpoints others don’t, many organizations have taken back control of their networks. You can, too.


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