IoT Security

Complete Visibility and Control for 100% of Connected Devices

Organizations have long relied on endpoint security and network access control solutions, but these tools are not sufficient to protect the connected enterprise. The vast majority of IoT and biomedical devices lack the ability to run agent-based software or can’t be scanned remotely, rendering traditional agent-based solutions useless. Great Bay Software enables organizations to rapidly detect and on-board devices, and to continuously monitor connected device behaviors for new or emerging threats, such as MAC Spoofing, for ongoing security and enforcement.


The Solution: Mitigate the Risk of IoT Connected Devices with Beacon Endpoint Profiler

Great Bay Beacon Endpoint Profiler provides comprehensive endpoint identity, location, and behavior visibility into any kind of endpoint including emerging IoT endpoints. With Beacon, companies can reduce the risk and cost associated with access enforcement for the explosion of IoT connected devices.

Beacon is designed to deliver the enterprise-grade scalability, simplicity and flexibility that are require for IoT. Beacon is vastly simpler and more scalable than agent-based NAC solutions. Organizations can quickly gain visibility and control of EVERY connected device even as they rapidly proliferate.

ESG Solution Showcase: Securing IoT Device Connections

Download the “Internet of Things: Immense Opportunity, but with IT and Security Complexity” white paper written by Enterprise Strategy Groups Senior Analyst, Eugene Signorini.

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"Currently we have a very large water and power project out in the desert and all of our field tanks have remote monitoring capabilities that save the customer lots of time, but with more network connectivity comes more potential for intrusion. We have more than 65,000 IoT field tanks, pumps and flow gauges and all of those will fall under the Great Bay IoT security umbrella. Great Bay as a company is excellent to work with and their products are very easy to deploy and at the end of the day the learning curve is very slight in terms of training. Best of all, Great Bay Software gives us additional layers of protection that unfortunately most people don't even think about."

-Patrick Stephens, CIO at Rain for Rent