Intelligent Endpoint Behavior Monitoring

Identify unusual device behavior and protect against MAC spoofing.

It’s harder than ever for IT managers to know what devices are doing at all times because devices are not always what they seem. This problem is only getting worse with the rapid growth in unmanaged and often unmanageable loT devices that do not support deployment of an agent to monitor their behavior. Attackers-and even your own employees-can change a device’s MAC address. MAC spoofing allows attackers to escape detection and potentially gain access to the heart of the corporate network.

The importance of detecting MAC spoofing is gaining more attention in security best practices and across industries, including financial services and healthcare. The most reliable indicator of impersonation is the device’s behavior. If a printer suddenly begins scanning the network for open ports, that behavior is unusual. Or if an infusion pump that was in a patient’s room suddenly begins communicating with the data center, it’s suspicious. IT needs to the ability to identify all devices accessing the network and monitor those devices in real time to detect changes or suspicious behavior.


The Solution: Continuous Behavior Monitoring and Policy Enforcement with Beacon Endpoint Enforcement

Great Bay Beacon Endpoint Enforcement identifies all devices, whether managed or unmanaged, and continuously monitors their behavior so that IT has superior visibility into what devices are connected to their networks, where the devices are located, and how those devices are behaving, including rogue devices or those with spoofed MAC addresses. With Beacon, IT can reduce the risks associated with the growing numbers and type of endpoints, whether traditional or IoT.

Intelligent behavior monitoring is an important safeguard for your cybersecurity efforts and essential for loT security. Using Beacon to monitor device behavior enables organizations to protect against malicious attacks, no matter where the devices are located and even as the number and type of devices continues to explode.

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Download the intelligent behavior monitoring use case brief to read how key industries gain real time behavior monitoring for 100% of connected devices – even IoT, bio medical, and agentless devices.

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"Without Beacon in place, there would be no possible way to keep track of the 500,000 endpoints on our network. In the banking industry there's always a target on your back. Beacon's agentless approach lets us automate the security of all devices including the more than 70% of all network devices that do not support the installation of an agent. It's reassuring knowing that we have the most comprehensive, real-time monitoring in place to stave off attacks and prevent security breaches before they happen."

--Fortune 500 Financial Services, Director of IT