Access Control & Enforcement

Simplified Endpoint and IoT Access Control

Network-based security should be a cornerstone of any enterprise IT security strategy. Network access and control is essential for protecting your network and valuable data assets from security breaches and other malicious threats. With the rapid growth of IoT and other connected devices, the implementation of airtight access control policies for all endpoints, has become even more challenging.

Organizations have long relied on endpoint security and network access control (NAC), but these legacy tools are no longer enough to protect the connected enterprise. The vast majority of IoT devices lack the ability to run agent software or 802.1X-based authentication. This puts them beyond the reach of legacy solutions that depend on these capabilities to enforce access policies.


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Flexible Endpoint Enforcement

Check out this demo video to see how the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform enables rapid response to high-risk endpoint activity and anomalous behaviors.

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The Solution: Simplified Access Control & Enforcement with the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform

The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform simplifies endpoint and IoT access control via intelligent MAC-based authentication, on boarding and enforcement. It uniquely automates provisioning and authentication by matching device identity and behavioral attributes to deliver in-depth visibility and profiling–in real-time.

Take your network visibility to the next level.

Learn more about the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform’s comprehensive, but simple approach for deploying authentication and enforcement controls.

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"At Air Academy Federal Credit Union, we’re not satisfied with simply ‘checking the box’ with our security strategy and with the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform in place, we feel strongly we are obliterating the box. During our evaluation we gave several Network Access Control (NAC) vendors a look, but there was no equal in the industry to the behavioral endpoint level reporting that Great Bay delivers across all user and non user devices."

--Jeremy Taylor, Network Manager at AAFCU®