Warehouse of Context®

Revealing the breadth and depth of your network

The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform provides a Warehouse of Context® about your network. You gain:

  • Full visibility into every endpoint connecting to your network
  • Deep contextual insight on each of those endpoints


Our profiling techniques leverage numerous data sources on the network to tell a more complete story about each device. The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform has the ability to detect and categorize every single endpoint on the network–with more accuracy than ever.

The Warehouse of Context® provides:

  • A visualization of all the endpoints attached to your network
  • A deeper understanding of what each device is
  • Insight into anomalous device behaviors


Now you can:

  • Detect and enforce access policies for rogue devices or behavior anomalies in real-time
  • Plan for network upgrades and end-of-life cycling
  • Maintain a complete and accurate inventory of all network devices in real time
  • Quickly identify misconfigured devices


…and much more. We offer the most comprehensive library of device profiles on the market.

We do this by collecting data from:

  • SNMP Traps & Polls
  • IP Helper
  • Wireless Controllers
  • DNS & DHCP
  • Port Mirroring
  • SPAN
  • Active Directory
  • RADIUS accounting
  • NetFlow, J-Flow & sFlow
  • Integrations: SIEM, Asset Management, MDM, NAC


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