Solutions for fewer than 50,000 endpoints

Big protection against data breaches for small- to mid-sized networks

Whenever a cyberattack happens within a large enterprise, it’s likely to make headlines. Mid-market enterprise security breaches may not generate big news, but that doesn’t mean they are not a frequent occurrence. A lack of IT security resources and expertise are factors that make mid-level enterprises potential victims of cybercrime.

The exponential growth of IOT applications and devices is opening the enterprise network to even more risk. Common network access control (NAC) solutions do not cover IOT or other unmanageable devices. Without visibility, control, and authentication for all network endpoints your valuable data, intellectual property and other critical assets are at risk. Whether you have 5,000 or 50,000 endpoints, Beacon solutions give you full control of 100% of your networked devices.


  • Mitigate the risk of security breaches with continuous real-time visibility, behavior monitoring and centrally managed authentication.
  • Reduce time, cost and valuable IT resources through easy deployment and centralized management.
  • Achieve total coverage of all network-attached endpoints without the need to install any client based software or agents.
  • Securely deploy any IoT or other unmanageable devices with the same visibility and control of traditional smart clients.
  • Protect IT investments through seamless and scalable integration with existing authentication solutions.
  • Streamline compliance, asset management and audit requirements.


Great Bay Software has over 10 years of proven expertise in securing enterprise networks. With over 200 customer installations, the Beacon Suite is proven to identify, onboard, monitor, and enforce networks any type of endpoint. No other security solution offers scalable visibility, control and protection of 100% of your networked devices.

Beacon can help you stay afloat

The cost of a data breach can be impossible to overcome. Make sure your organization has the ultimate protection to prevent unwelcome activity on your network.

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Have more than 50,000 endpoints on your network?

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