Solutions for 50,000 to 5 million endpoints

Network threat response for the world’s most complex networks

Securing Endpoint and IoT connections Over the World’s Most Complex Networks.


How many devices are connected to your network? Chances are that’s a challenging question to answer. With BYOD, enterprise organizations have been faced with a huge influx of personal and professional smart devices. Now, with the astounding growth of IoT applications, the number of unmanaged network endpoints is exploding. Gartner Group predicts more than 20.8 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. The vast numbers and types of devices require a new approach to protecting your network and data assets from Cybersecurity threats.

At Great Bay Software, we enable some of the largest organizations in the world to secure their growing number of unmanaged endpoint and IoT connections against modern day threats. The Beacon Product Suite provides comprehensive visibility with continuous real-time behavior monitoring of every endpoint on the network. No network is too big or too complicated to gain full control of 100% of your endpoints.


• Mitigate the risk of security breaches with highly scalable, continuous real-time visibility, behavior monitoring and centrally managed authentication.
• Streamline compliance, asset management and audit requirements for hundreds of thousands and even millions of endpoints.
• Achieve 100% coverage of all network-attached endpoints – including IoT, BYOD and any unmanageable device.
• Tap into a library of over 1,400 devices as well as easily create and add new profiles as needed.
• Reduce time, cost and valuable IT resources by eliminating the need to deploy any client based software or agents.
• Protect IT investments through seamless integration with existing authentication solutions and lower capital expense.

Great Bay Software has over 10 years of proven expertise in securing enterprise network connections. With over 200 customer installations, including many Fortune 500 organizations, the Beacon Suite is proven to identify, onboard, monitor, and enforce access policies on networks with a few thousand to millions of endpoints. No other security solution offers scalable visibility, control and protection of 100% of your networked devices.

Clarity is the cure

No other solution offers as much insight into your network while taxing your operations so minimally. We’d love to help you learn more about how we can help.

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