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“While organizations have long relied on endpoint security and Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, these tools are no longer sufficient to protect the connected enterprise against the threat posed by IoT devices. Additionally, the vast majority of IoT devices lack the ability to run agent-based software or to be scanned remotely.  This prevents these IoT devices from communicating with traditional endpoint security and legacy NAC solutions that rely on an agent or supplicant to authenticate devices and enforce access policies.  Great Bay Software however, is truly unique because it can secure IoT connections even if they do not support an agent or 802.1X authentication.” – Jim Scullion, CEO

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Great Bay Software, announces the launch of Beacon Suite 5.0 to help enterprises discover, onboard, monitor and enforce access policies across all connected devices including laptops, servers, printers, VoIP phones, biomedical devices, industrial control systems and newly emerging IoT devices.

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