Protect sensitive customer data with complete network visibility

The nightly news inundates us with reports of major data breaches occurring at retail companies across the world. This threat is only growing.

  • The increase in losses to retail companies has risen over 100 percent recently
  • Studies say your median cyber crime costs are more than $8 million annually
  • Over 85 percent of recent data breaches have been retail-based


These statistics are alarming. Due largely to a lack of comprehensive network visibility, criminals are finding creative ways to siphon customer credit card information from you. The consequences of a network attack are far-reaching and costly. You lose a positive reputation, consumer trust and – ultimately – revenue.

To complicate things, you have to contend with:

  • PCI DSS compliance requirements
  • Difficulties managing a broadly dispersed network
  • Limited IT resources at store locations
  • The complications of network segmentation
  • The threats involved with guest network access

Find your bearings to reclaim network order

You can’t secure what you don’t know is there. Identifying, monitoring and enforcing access control of every single device touching the network are critical first steps towards protecting your organization and your customers.

Great Bay Software’s Beacon product suite helps you overcome the challenges of securing a complex network. With the comprehensive, contextual network visibility afforded by this technology, you’ll gain insight into:

  • What every endpoint on your network is
  • The location of each network-attached endpoint
  • If any endpoint starts behaving uncharacteristically

Defend yourself – and your valuable customers – against data piracy

Comprehensive network visibility makes it possible to stop attackers before they can do real damage. Simple-to-use solutions, the Beacon products allow you to identify and automatically isolate or remove suspicious devices from the network.

Protecting a dispersed and segmented network with limited staff also becomes far more viable with these solutions. The network visibility that allows you to see what every device on the network is and where it’s located helps you:

  • Gain one centralized picture of all endpoints in all locations
  • Manage devices coming onto the network and end-of-life cycling
  • Troubleshoot faster and respond to security incidents


Protect your customers. Protect your brand. Avoid becoming the next negative news headline by stopping criminals in their tracks. With our solutions your organization can focus on its real priority – a superb customer experience.

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