Secure your managed, unmanaged and IoMT devices across your network.

Cyber attackers have shifted targets. Healthcare facilities account for a large portion of data breaches, making it a high-risk industry. You know it has never been more important for you to get the right protection.

Arguably, device discovery and management is the most difficult for the healthcare industry. You have to contend with the growing concerns of every business:

  • An increase of medical devices
  • Limited IT personnel
  • Guests regularly accessing the network


In addition to those worries, you’re also trying to manage:

  • A surge in network-attached medical devices
  • Mobile medical devices
  • A rise in mergers, requiring absorption of and exchanges across multiple networks


Add it all up, and you have extraordinary device discovery and management handicaps. But, if you leave your endpoints vulnerable, you’re wasting precious IT resources and leaving your facility in jeopardy of an attack. In addition to losing millions, for hospitals and healthcare systems, this could also mean:

  • Loss of patient confidence
  • Facilities becoming inoperable due to denial of network services
  • Critical infrastructure falling offline


Keep your network managed with care

With the comprehensive, contextual network visibility and access control afforded by Great Bay Software, you’ll know:

  • What every endpoint on your network is
  • The location of every network-attached endpoint
  • If any endpoint starts acting uncharacteristically


This technology works on wired and wireless devices–including medical devices that traditionally are more difficult to profile. It gives you real-time visibility and also a historical look at all devices on the network in a centralized, well-informed database.

With Beacon for Authentication you can easily enforce network access control. A rogue device, for example, won’t be able to connect to your network undetected. Equipment that behaves uncharacteristically can also be automatically placed in quarantine, or removed, before it causes real damage.

The Great Bay solution scales to fit any network, so there is no need for concern as your organization grows. In fact:

  • Combining networks will be far less complicated with a technology that allows for immediate device discovery and management
  • You’ll be provided information about which devices are corporate-owned
  • Special provisioning for guest devices will make them much easier to manage


With full network visibility and authentication you can discover endpoints and manage them, along with any threats, far more easily. Our technology makes compliance, security and the good health of your network much more attainable.

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