Beacon in your banks delivers superior incident response

While successful cyber crime might be slightly more prevalent in other sectors, it can be much more expensive for the financial industry. For you, a harmful attack:

  • Costs $20 million annually for the average individual financial institution
  • Carries the high expenses of notifying, assisting and reimbursing customers
  • Results in losses double those of the average company in the retail sector

Due to the amount of sensitive data on your network, you face unique challenges. You need a technology with highly effective incident response capabilities because you’re organization can be targeted by:

  • Enemy countries seeking intelligence or intellectual property
  • Hacktivists trying to promote their political agenda through systems disturbances
  • Criminals trying to breach systems for monetary gain


In addition to needing a technology allowing for timely incident response, you need one that helps meet the changing regulatory requirements, like:

  • GLBA
  • SOX

You work really hard to protect your network. Unfortunately, even if you’ve enabled other solutions (like NAC, SIEM, etc.), they may not be enough. Despite your best efforts, you probably have security blind spots. It only takes one unknown endpoint on your network to make you vulnerable.


Invest in a monumental defense:

Many of the world’s top financial institutions trust the Beacon product suite for superior protection. The Beacon suite identifies endpoints other systems miss and profiles them more accurately. With the comprehensive, contextual real-and historical-time monitoring afforded by our technology, you’ll know:

      • What every endpoint on your network is
      • The location of every network-attached endpoint
      • If any endpoint starts behaving uncharacteristically


With this information, you can respond quicker and more intelligently to security incidents. With Beacon for Authentication, you can also enforce access control. You can see if, for example, a rogue device attaches to the network and remove it or isolate it automatically. No time will be wasted and no complications will arise from trying to manage devices manually. Instead, you and your team can focus your time on other important priorities, like the training and policy development needed to maintain protection.


Want to learn more about the devices attached to your network?

Contact us today to better understand the user (ex. computers) and non user-based devices (ex. thermostats) that are currently attached to your network. Great Bay Software routinely identifies up to 30% more devices that you didn’t know were accessing your network.

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