Energy, Critical Infrastructure & Utilities

Discover and Secure 100% of the Devices Connected to Your Network in Real Time

No industry has as much to lose due to a data breach as the energy and utilities sector. Successful cyber crime costs a company in your industry an average of over $26 million a year.

That is in part because fines for compliance failure can be up to $1 million a day. Because it is so important to keep your infrastructure safe, you face a plethora of regulations. Including requirements to:

  • Identify, document and protect all critical cyber assets
  • Secure all assets within the electronic security perimeters
  • Identify, classify, respond to and report on all cyber security incidents


A breach in the energy and utilities sectors could be catastrophic and debilitating for an entire country. You are responsible for some of the world’s most critical infrastructure: power lines and oil pipelines that crisscross the earth. It’s never been more important for you to have proper device management protection.

The Internet of Things has expanded to consume your:

  • Control rooms that run power grids
  • Substations that manage oil and gas plants
  • Devices that operate refineries and pipelines


Without proper visibility and device management, this equipment – which provides vital resources – is left exposed to cyber crime.

Paramount network protection

The Beacon product suite helps you overcome all of these challenges and handle device management with ease. Some of the biggest names in the energy and utilities industry are backed by our expertise. With the comprehensive, contextual network visibility afforded by this technology, which can identify and profile endpoints that other systems miss, you’ll understand:

  • What every endpoint on your network is
  • The location of every network-attached endpoint
  • If any endpoint starts acting uncharacteristically


The device management afforded by the Beacon suite makes it possible to monitor every endpoint on the network in real-and historical-time. This rich context helps you to have the insight to ensure your network is protected. For example, if an endpoint starts behaving out of character, you’ll be alerted. A simple-to-use solution, the Beacon suite also makes it easy to enforce access control. Beacon for Authentication allows you to automatically block, isolate or remove harmful devices from the network.

That frees up time for your IT team. With this information they can troubleshoot issues faster. They’ll waste no time getting caught up in the complications of trying to manage devices manually. Instead, you and your team can focus more time on executing proactive strategies rather than putting out fires.

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