Helping industries achieve unmatched network visibility and control.

All organizations are coping with the constant threat of cyber crime, and the stakes for security failure just keep mounting. The risk is compounding for everyone, across all divides. The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform provides unmatched network visibility and control for organizations in all industries to help keep threats from causing catastrophic damage. We also understand the additional unique challenges some sectors face.

Energy & Utilities

The cyber crime costs you face are outrageous, and a breach in the energy sector could become a debilitating event for an entire country. Discover how the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform enables real-time network visibility and tighter controls, which can reduce incident response times and speed remediation.


You have more sensitive data on your network to protect than most, and cyber crime costs you double the amount of other high-profile industries annually. Many financial institutions trust the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform to help protect their customers' data and remain in compliance. Learn more.


You have a greater number of devices to worry about securing than any other sector. Medical devices can be very difficult to protect because many do not hold a supplicant and cannot be detected. Learn how to gain visibility into the medical devices connecting to your network in real time with the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform.


Cyber crime poses severe risks to innovation, productivity and your company’s sensitive data. You have unique systems and devices to automate productivity – creating more potential entry points for external threats into your network. Learn why leading manufacturers trust Great Bay Software to keep their production lines up and running.


This industry remains one of the most highly targeted by cyber criminals, and the cost of a data breach in this sector continues to increase. Learn how the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform provides a solid foundation for your network security.

"With the Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform, we are 10,000 times more secure than we were without it. And, the actual day-to-day administration is very easy."

-Network Engineer, Financial Organization