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Be Cybersecurity Aware: Make Sure Your IoT Devices are Under Control

Written by Great Bay Software on October 10, 2017


It’s hard to believe that it’s already October and autumn is upon us. Big things happen in October. The U.S. Supreme Court starts its new term. It’s National Book Month and Country Music Month. However, in this post, we’re observing National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.


October is also a time when many enterprise organizations go full throttle on business planning for next year, finalizing revenue, project and spending plans. How are your security strategies, plans and budgeting coming along?


It’s no surprise that security spending is on the rise. For their 2017 Data Threat Report, Thales surveyed over 1,100 senior security executives. Respondents reported they have “much higher” security spending, doubling from 12% in 2016 to 23% this year.

Network and endpoint security are dominating spending plans. The Thales report shows that they account for the greatest year over year growth: +13.7% and +12.3% respectively. Why this trend? Because on top of traditional attack methods such as phishing campaigns, Cybercriminals are leveraging new avenues, including IoT-based botnets, to breach networks for financial gain and infrastructure disruption.


With the exponential growth of IoT applications – especially in manufacturing, finance and healthcare – sophisticated criminals are taking advantage of the sheer number of unsecured devices and greater attack surfaces.


An author, speaker and Cisco executive, Maciej Kranz is a notable IoT advocate. He literally wrote the book on it: Building the Internet of Things. Lately he’s be talking a lot about IoT security. In a recent blog, he wrote:


“I’m a big believer in the Internet of Things. IoT is part of a digital transformation that will revolutionize virtually every industry—manufacturing, healthcare, mining, transportation, agriculture, and the list goes on. But to fulfill its promise, IoT must be secure. Today, I would give the overall state of IoT security the grade “C+.” We have made progress, but security remains the greatest barrier to IoT adoption.”


For every security team, IoT is a constant challenge. Traditional endpoint security tools such as NAC aren’t enough. No matter how you slice it, real-time discovery, visibility and control are critical for IoT device security.


How’s Your Device ‘Cybersecurity Awareness’?


  1. You can’t control what you can’t see. It’s more important than ever to have visibility of every device, in every location, for every application.
  2. Segment your network and limit application and data access only to authorized users.
  3. Protect your existing investments. It’s not always necessary to “rip and replace”. Why not deploy an overlay solution to enhance existing security infrastructure?
  4. Prevention is important, but not totally effective unless tied into real-time detection and response capabilities.
  5. Meet or exceed audit requirements by maintaining a complete networked device inventory and proof of authentication.


We focus on enabling these 5 important recommendations. Great Bay Software delivers advanced endpoint security for every single device on your network – IoT and more. Learn about our Beacon Product Suite here.


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