Audit & Compliance Tool Kit


Audit & Compliance Tool Kit

For Credit Unions & Community Banks

Thank you for downloading the Independent Banker’s Audit & Compliance Tool Kit. Here you will find links to a half dozen critical resources curated specifically for IT Security leaders within credit unions and community banks. Additional information and resources on endpoint security can be found on or by contacting us directly at


On-Demand Webinar: Independent bank guidance to achieving the successful FFIEC Audit

In this on-demand webinar we discuss navigating your must have cyber security technology – keeping it lean like your team, how to jump start compliance with FFIEC audits, and best practices for network access control & plugging potential cybersecurity gaps.

White Paper: Proven tips for checking the box on NCUA Audit Compliance

This white paper, intended for both business and technical professionals, outlines some of the challenges credit unions now face implementing adequate cybersecurity, and explains how endpoint and IoT (Internet of Things) connection security—a layer of security that the NCUA itself uses—can help achieve full compliance with the regulations.

Blog Post: Deploying a NAC Alternative Makes Good Business Sense

When it comes to security, comprehensive, real-time asset inventory is critical to credit unions and community banks. And yet, most face limited team, budget and infrastructure resources – and traditional NAC solutions present risks that can exacerbate these problems. This post outlines 4 critical considerations for independent banks that are looking to improve or deploy a NAC.

Blog Post: 5 Reasons Independent Banks should be cautious of traditional NAC solutions

Banking is subject to more security control audits than ever as industry associations, government regulators and business partners work to mitigate risk. It’s the top 20 financial organizations we typically hear about in the news, but hackers are now also targeting smaller banks in a big way.

Blog Post: Endpoint Innovation for Financial Institutions

Part one of the assessment discusses the five inherent risks faced by financial institutions. It’s no surprise that the top priority on the list involves network connections.

Case Study: Credit Union ensures endpoint security and improves audit compliance

Learn how one credit union sought to enhance and protect member finances with a pragmatic and effective strategy. The approach is designed to ensure the security of client data and information, while delivering a streamlined audit process and improved compliance.

Great Bay Software delivers the device discovery, visibility and insight that is the foundation for a secure and resilient network, and the cornerstone to regulatory compliance. Want to drive greater security and compliance in your community bank or credit union? Click here to request a demo – within 20 minutes, we can share with you how to obtain complete visibility & control.