About Great Bay Software

A sea of protection from cyber crime via comprehensive network visibility

Discover the edge. Optimize the whole. That’s our tagline. Here’s what it promises

Discover the edge.

Find each and every endpoint connected to your network with the Beacon suite. Continuously define the parameters of your network with comprehensive network visibility. Give your company the modern-day edge against security threats and poor network management.

Optimize the whole.

Put that knowledge to work sharpening all aspects of network operations. Cut out the hassles of everything from incident response to compliance audits – and so much more – with the comprehensive network visibility provided by the Beacon suite.

We are the strength of our people:
Loyal, insightful and tenacious.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower enterprise-class organizations to achieve enhanced network security, visibility and operational efficiency.

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How We Achieve Our Mission

  • greatbay-icons-innovationFearless innovation and creativity
  • greatbay-icons-solutionsDependable, scalable solutions that are easy to implement and support
  • greatbay-icons-handshakeAn uncompromising commitment to our clients, our investors and each other.

"Research indicates that 60 percent of attacks compromise the network within mere minutes. Yet incident response often lags by weeks or even months."