Device Sponsorship & Provisioning

Great Bay’s Device Sponsorship provides the ability to sponsor connectivity for devices requiring network access because they either temporarily cannot or will never actively participate in the 802.1X or NAC enabled network. These machines commonly fall into one of 2 categories; the first of which is new devices being added to the enterprise and the second are devices that are currently incapable of achieving the level of network access required and must be given a temporary exception for network access. The system allows authenticated users to create and manage temporary guest or contractor access for people requiring network access in networks that are secured by 802.1X and/or NAC. Device Sponsorship is also a critical component for enterprises that leverage PXEboot or WinPE for device imaging.

In the first scenario, the network administrator has determined that new devices should not be added and dynamically provided with network connectivity without either passing authentication and NAC checks or via a sponsorship. Devices requiring a sponsorship before gaining network access include new printers, WLAN Access Point, VOIP Phones, and a host of others. These devices are added to the SGA sponsored devices list and are granted network access based on an employee providing his/her credentials and sponsoring their identity. This sponsorship is subsequently supported by Great Bay’s Identity Monitoring where identity of the device is continuously certified so that sponsored devices cannot be wrongly identified or have their MAC address spoofed.

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