Incident Response

Continuously monitor device behaviors and rapidly respond to network attacks

If you’re like most IT and Security professionals, you probably spend a lot of time putting out fires. Most companies are hit hundreds of times a day by external threats.

The right tool allows you to be proactive, rather than reactive. The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform makes this kind of environment feasible – enabling your team to address:

  • Data security setbacks
    In the era of connectedness, there are many devices attached to your network that you may not realize are creating potential threats. Hackers are using more advanced methods to penetrate your network perimeter and are continually targeting new avenues to break in.
  • Rogue device risks
    A rogue device is any unauthorized or unidentified device that attaches to your network. It could be an employee-owned or visiting device with good intentions. Or, it may be a criminal’s device, gaining access to steal sensitive information. Either way, if you don’t have full network visibility, an unauthorized device can access your network and wreak havoc.
  • Incident response lag time
    If you feel like it takes far too long to detect and stop incidents on the network, then you’re in the majority. Report after report demonstrates there is typically a significant lag time between an event, its discovery and remediation.

Command tighter control with Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform

With any threat, understanding what was affected and where the event occurred is paramount to deter damage. The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform monitors the behavior of every single device attached to the network in real-time and provides an instant alert if any device demonstrates anomalous behavior, which could indicate a security event.

Also, new endpoints will no longer be able to attach to your network without detection. If a threat arises, technology administrators can easily bounce a device off the network or automatically limit access until the endpoint is looked into.

The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform is the first place our customers look to locate an endpoint when troubleshooting. Having time-based information allows you to see on what device the event originated and where the device is located, which is critical to fast, effective incident response.

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