Enabling & Extending NAC

Great Bay Software’s Beacon Endpoint Profiler has been referred to as the de facto standard for Endpoint Profiling. This includes discovering, provisioning, and securing non-NAC endpoints and contributing to a NAC deployment that is more rapid and more comprehensive. The industry’s market leaders including Juniper UAC and┬áCisco ISE ┬áhave integration with Great Bay’s Beacon to provide a comprehensive solution for NAC in the enterprise. Beacon’s Endpoint Profiling mitigates many of the risks associated with deploying NAC, expedites the deployment process, and increases the operational efficiency of NAC following the deployment.

Beacon is frequently positioned as a precursor to a NAC deployment as it allows the network administrator to provision network settings, understand the endpoint landscape, and familiarize themselves with the information and tools that will be utilized during and following the deployment for troubleshooting and administration tasks in the NAC-enabled network.

Although critical to a successful deployment, Beacon is also frequently referenced for information about endpoint location, behavior, and identity and is utilized to address audit finding and as a supporting component in incident response situations.

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