Great Bay’s Beacon Endpoint Profilerâ„¢

Endpoint Profiling

Discovering and maintaining a comprehensive identity-based inventory of all network-attached endpoints is the primary deliverable of the Beacon Endpoint Profiler. This discovery is performed using Beacon’s innovative Endpoint Profiling technology and has been leveraged by Enterprise Company’s around the world in a myriad of different applications.

Network Endpoint Discovery

Beacon provides an automated approach to discovering all network endpoints and delivers a comprehensive inventory of all network-attached devices and provides critical contextual information such as endpoint identity, location, addressing, and chronology. Read more about Beacon for Network Endpoint Discovery

802.1X Implementation

Dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and managing 802.1X-enabled networks. Read more about Beacon for 802.1X Implementation

Sponsored Guest Access

Provision Connectivity for Guests and Contractors as well as accommodating new network endpoints, non-responsive hosts, PXE boot devices, etc. Read more about Guest Access

MAC Authentication

Many enterprises choose this as the first phase of an authenticated network, where all enterprise owned assets are identified and authenticated using existing network and RADIUS systems. Read more about Beacon for MAC Authentication

Network Migration Planning

Many Enterprises have leveraged Beacon to deliver a more efficient network migration through more detailed planning, discovery, and impact analysis. Read more about Beacon for Network Migration Planning

Enabling and Extending NAC

The industry’s leading NAC vendors have integrated with Great Bay Software’s Beacon including Cisco, Juniper, and Symantec. Read more about Extending NAC

Supporting Incident Response

Providing a chronology of numerous contextual views allows the IT Security Administrator to resolve incidents more rapidly and with more details to support the identity of the offending endpoint Read more about Beacon for Incident Response


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