Revealing top trends and best practices for your network visibility needs

Many organizations have achieved comprehensive network visibility and better network security with the Beacon product suite. If you’d like a sharper picture of how we can enhance your network and overall organizational experience, look no further.

Product Briefs

Beacon Endpoint Profiler
Explore the many ways that gaining comprehensive network visibility with our proprietary methods can help your organization.

Beacon for Authentication
Find your bearings to secure your network through network-based authentication.


Go from putting out network security fires to preventing them

Studies show that IT professionals believe understanding where breaches originate could help them enhance their security posture. Learn how better network visibility can help with incident response.

Enterprise organizations need continuous monitoring based upon endpoint visibility, access and security technology

Seventy-nine percent of security professionals say they believe achieving network security is more difficult now than it was two years ago. Learn how network visibility plays a role in better security in this report from the Enterprise Strategy Group.

Unruly agents? Unveil a superior foundation for network security instead
Other security solutions may leave blind spots on your network. Learn what you can do to ensure comprehensive network visibility and access control.

5 keys to unlock an easy network access control implementation
NAC implementations can be cumbersome, especially without a strong plan of attack and full network visibility. Find out what you can do to make the process easier.

Don’t fall victim to data breaches: Know what’s lurking on your corporate network
Learn about common ways that criminals hack networks and what makes an organization more vulnerable to data breaches.

Enterprise espionage: Hackers, hijacks and privacy havoc
Find out about the top security threats you face and how they are evolving. Get the best practices for safeguarding your network.

What’s really on your network? 5 tips for preventing rogue devices from compromising your operations
Most organizations vastly underestimate how many and what types of devices are actually touching their network. Learn how that leaves you open to threats and how to stop them.

8 ways better endpoint visibility can knockout network headaches
Find out why gaining visibility into every endpoint not only helps you better secure your network, it also contributes to making many operations and initiatives more efficient.

Case Studies

City of Greater Sudbury attains full visibility of network endpoints with Beacon Endpoint Profiler
Learn how Beacon helped this municipality reduce their compliance risk and network downtime, along with daily troubleshooting time and risk exposure – all while supporting cost-effective network management and growth.


Top 3 MAC Spoofing Challenges You Cannot Afford to Ignore
Watch this on demand webinar to learn the top three MAC spoofing issues organizations face and tips on how to better secure your network against them.