Beacon Endpoint Enforcement™

Real time control for 100% of connected devices

Cybersecurity underscores the IT strategy of every enterprise, with network access policy enforcement being a critical component. However, with the huge growth in number and types of unmanaged endpoints, the implementation of these policies can feel out of reach. New and emerging threat vectors, such as MAC Spoofing, are growing at a rapid clip, and traditional infrastructure is leaving enterprises vulnerable. Beacon Endpoint Enforcement™ simplifies network access control by offloading authentication of IoT and other unmanageable devices from old-style client-based authentication.

Beacon Endpoint Enforcement™ benefits:

  • Achieve 100% access enforcement across all network endpoints – including smart, IoT, and unmanaged devices.
  • Significantly reduce deployment time. With automated onboarding there is no need for endpoint software or agents.
  • Protect IT investments by augmenting and offloading existing user and/or 802.1X authentication solutions.
  • Improve device visibility and control by speeding up endpoint profile and location discovery

Beacon Endpoint Enforcement™ gives you


Take your network security to the next level.

Learn about the Great Bay Software Beacon Suite to take a simpler approach to endpoint & IoT connection security.

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