Case Study: Fortune 500 Financial Services Organization

Top financial institution secures over 500,000 network endpoints with Great Bay Software's Beacon Suite.

Complete network visibility ensures security for every potential entry-point; eliminating BYOD and loT blind spots.

This Great Bay Software customer is a major global financial services company with over $2 trillion in managed assets, operating in more than 100 geographic markets worldwide.

Achieving the highest levels of banking and audit compliance is a top priority for any financial services institution. As a result it is mission critical for every network endpoint to be profiled and monitored, regardless of type, location or application.


Endpoints secured; including all managed, unmanaged, and IoT devices.


Banking and financial regulation compliance to avoid costly penalties.


IoT and other agentless devices automatically identified, on-boarded, monitored, & enforced in real time.

3 Seconds

To detect and protect against any MAC spoof or rogue device attack.

"Without Beacon in place, there would be no possible way to keep track of the 500,000 endpoints on our network. In the banking industry there's always a target on your back. Beacon's agentless approach lets us automate the security of all devices including the more than 70% of all network devices that do not support the installation of an agent. It's reassuring knowing that we have the most comprehensive, real-time monitoring in place to stave off attacks and prevent security breaches before they happen."

-Fortune 500 Financial Services, Director of IT

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